Month: August 2016

International Tabletop Day!

***Originally Posted April 2016 International Tabletop Day approaches this Saturday. Are you ready? International Tabletop day is the day where everyone plays board games all day!   New to board Games? Want to try a different kind of board game? Want to know where to start or what to suggest to a friend? There’s only…

Killer Queen

Killer Queen, created by Josh DeBonis and Nik Mikros, may be the most unique arcade game of its time. The game is set in a lush plaform-y world with bug men hopping or flying around, trying to dodge or kill everyone else. Gameplay can take a couple of rounds to get used to, and at…


**Originally posted March 2016 I am really excited that I started up my blog in time to start talking about C2E2. This is my fourth year going to C2E2, and hands down, this is my favorite convention. It has just about everything: comic artists, cosplay events, publishers, podcasts, and everything that would fall into “etc”….



When I first came to Chicago, I believed I knew the END ALL and BE ALL of being a nerd. Unaware of the vast reaches and spectrums of nerddom, I began a journey down a rabbit hole of awesomeness. I began by playing board games which introduced me to an infinite amount of new friends…