Killer Queen

Killer Queen, created by Josh DeBonis and Nik Mikros, may be the most unique arcade game of its time. The game is set in a lush plaform-y world with bug men hopping or flying around, trying to dodge or kill everyone else. Gameplay can take a couple of rounds to get used to, and at first encounter, it may look like chaos.


The chaos comes from the fact there are ten players on the field, five on each team. Besides the Queens, everyone starts out as a drone. Drones collect berries; they can ride the snail; and they can turn into warriors. Warriors can kill Queens, other warriors, and drones. Queens can kill anyone and they also have the option to swoop down. Queens and warriors, unfortunately, cannot ride the snail. Yes, there is a snail.


Basically, there are three ways to win: collect the most berries, kill the enemy queen three times, or get the snail to your side of the screen.


The mechanics of flying are similar to Joust, an arcade game where you  kill enemy warriors while atop a flying bird. “Death from above” is the key to Killer Queen if you are a flying character since the person who is the highest during combat gets the kill.


Strategies for Killer Queen are vast and constantly changing, making the replayability for this game very high. “Running Econ” or economic victory, or collecting the most berries, is probably the most common and easiest victory if your enemy team doesn’t go all military. “Going Military” means that you’re turning a lot of your drones into warriors. The “New York” style of play is when you go all military with all drones as warriors. Strategies can vary from game to game.


“Snailing”, while my favorite avenue of winning, is actually a tough event to pull off because it takes a long time to get the snail to your side of the screen. The snail is just as slow as you would imagine a snail to be in this game. And keep in mind, you’re at the lowest point of the map so everyone is swooping down to kill you. While a dangerous venture, I’ve found this to be a great way to draw out the Queen or other warriors because the snail is at the bottom of the screen so “death from above” becomes a bit more viable.


There are a couple of bars around the city that have cabinets. Logan Arcade, for example, at 2410 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago, IL 60647 has league night on Wednesdays where the machine is on free play. They also have an amazing beer selection for those enthusiasts out there.
Overall, this is an amazing game, it’s fun to play with friends casually or in tournaments. This is a perfect arcade game for those competitive “platform” gamers or anyone who really, really enjoyed Joust. The team aspect is also ridiculously fun to both play and watch.
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