**Originally posted March 2016

I am really excited that I started up my blog in time to start talking about C2E2. This is my fourth year going to C2E2, and hands down, this is my favorite convention. It has just about everything: comic artists, cosplay events, publishers, podcasts, and everything that would fall into “etc”.

The highlight of my con last year was seeing the talented Haley Atwell from Agent Carter along with the amazing Ming-Na Wen who plays Melinda May from Agents of Shield. I even got to see them at their panel: “The Badass Women of Shield”. Stan Lee was also there and I got to see him at his panel. For comic books, I discovered Mike Norton’s Battlepug, about a woman telling her pugs a bedtime story about a battlepug and his human companion.

Generally panels range from insider insights to exciting and random geeky stuff! Last year, there was everything from “diversity in comics” to “how to self-publish”. There was even a panel last year regarding the Three Floyds beers which, in addition to being super tasty, have geeky themes.

Now, normally when I go to cons, I wander around until something magical appears and invites me to an amazing panel or after-party.

However, this being the fourth year I’ve gone to C2E2, I’ve decided to plan a little bit.

 This year the guests I’m super excited for are Melissa Benoist who plays Supergirl on the new CBS show and Chyler Leigh who plays Supergirl’s super badass, super secret agent sister. Also in attendance will be J. August Richards who plays Deathlok and Chloe Bennet who plays Skye from Agents of Shield.

 While the cosplay scene isn’t as heavy other cons, such as ACEN (Anime Central), C2E2 is very cosplay friendly. Last year, there was anything from every theme of Deadpool to a full cast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. For cosplayers, they have photo shoot meet ups for Pokemon, Dr. Who, Disney, etc. In addition they have a “cospitality” lounge with a bunch of awesome events going on centered around cosplay.

 While I’ve recently been reading more comics, I’m always excited to learn more. I plan a little bit of time every con around meeting new artists in the Artist’s Alley. It’s a fun way to meet my favorite artists as well as find new things I haven’t seen before.

 While reading through the list of panels this year, I was excited by all of the options. In particular, the amount of panels this year talking about inclusion and diversity in comics is very impressive. Especially this year, there are panels about being LGBTQ, Women in Marvel, and even one about Asexuality in comics.

Board Games:
 I am also excited that C2E2 has a couple of tournaments for tabletop games, which I do not remember being there last year. While there are usually board game stores in the vendor section, there isn’t really as much of a focus on tabletop as other conventions, but I’m eager to see how they are expanding this aspect for this year.

Geek Out:
 C2E2 is an all around safe space with an amazing anti-harassment policy. I recommend this con for all nerds, but in particular if you enjoy comics, have read a comic book once, want to know more about creating comics, and/or want to geek out with your favorite artist.

Want to do your own research? Here is the website:


You can buy passes on the website. There are also a couple of places around town selling passes if you want to buy them locally.

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