On How to Choose the Right Convention for You!

Let’s face it, there are so many conventions in Chicago that there are at least one or two in Chicago or surrounding area every month. The amount of events can be daunting when deciding what convention to choose. While we at Nerdmunity understand that there are so many fandoms and spectrums of nerd, here’s some advice on where to start.


The first thing you should do is consider the hobbies you are most interested in. Many nerds are interested in “fandoms” which I like to think of as specialized interests, for example, a specific anime (Japanese cartoons) you like. While having so many conventions can be daunting, it can exciting to have so many different options, especially if you have a specific interest.


Is there an actor you want to see from your favorite show or a game you like to play? After you’ve figured out what your specific interest is, browse the guests or events page of the convention you are interested in. Some conventions hold tournaments for specific card and board games. Others have special learn to play events if you are new to the subject.

Convention size:

Do you prefer a smaller setting when it comes to conventions? Do you like to attend a lot of panels? I tend to prefer larger conventions because they tend to attract more guests, have more panels, and because the vendor halls and artists alleys are bigger.

But I also like the community feel of the smaller conventions. The smaller conventions I’ve been to tend to be more laid back and I’m not as rushed to get through all of the events before the convention is over. While there may not be as many panels or events as a larger convention, I like the more relaxed atmosphere a smaller convention.

A New Adventure!:

My friend one time went to a furry convention (a convention for people who enjoy dressing up as or are interested in media about anthropomorphic animals) and discovered a bunch of new friends. While my friend had heard about the furry community online, he hadn’t yet experienced any part of the community in person until he went. Sometimes pushing yourself to choose something outside of your comfort zone can be rewarding!

Have a happy convention season no matter what convention you choose.