Volumes Bookcafe

Community Spotlight: Volumes Bookcafe!

A couple weekends ago it was independent book store day and I want to promote an amazing bookstore in Wicker Park, Volumes Bookcafe.


A bookcafe is exactly what you would expect it to be: a coffee shop that is also a bookstore. The store is brightly lit and wooden tables cover the first half of the store. The walls on the rest of the store are covered in bookshelves that are almost to the top of the ceiling. The decorations on the walls are the book covers of various tomes pieced together.

Further back into the store are tables with lots of books including staff picks. The selection of books is great and all of the sections are well-laid out. During an event, such as an open mic, the space near the back is cleared out for the speaker and attendees watch from surrounding chairs and the tables in the back.

Community space

Local bookstores, especially in Chicago, are often a place for community. Most bookstores are a place for everyone to gather and share their stories and lives. They provide a space for us to hold our events and to try some new ones. Volumes Bookcafe is no exception.

Volume Bookcafe’s openness to host events in the community is what makes them a space for community in Chicago. Since they’ve opened, they have held a wide range of events including comedy open mics, book clubs, nanowrimo projects, and a release for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. I’ve also attended their “You Joke like a Girl” open mic on Wednesdays and it was a hilarious time.

Events and more!

As a bookstore they also have an amazing array of fantasy books, classic literature, cook books, coloring books, kids books, pastries, mugs, coffee, wine, and beer. To check out some of their many events or for more information, click here.