The Geek Show: A Late Night Show For Nerds!

Vs The Universe is a group of geeky writers, actors, and performers who host the The Geek Show. I went to this month’s edition, and it reminded me a lot of the late night talk shows on TV, but with events and media that would interest nerds! Similar to those talk shows, there were interviews, games, funny videos, and a comedian.

There were two interviews, the first was The Learned Fangirl, a blog where writers do academic critiques on pop culture. The Learned Fangirl critically analyzes various media from books to movies, from The O.C. to horror movies. As a fan of literary criticism, I enjoyed learning about this blog a lot.

The second interview was for a podcast called The Dungeon Rats. The Dungeon Rats is podcast where the audience makes choices about what the players will encounter. For instance, they mentioned a session where the players had to fight Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, submitted by a fan. I thought it was hilarious that there is a podcast where the players just had to roll with the audience’s “punches”.

Then they played a game called Sean Bean Dream Team, which was a game where two players used special Sean Bean abilities to eliminate the other team. It was a perfect game for nerds and hilarious to watch various versions of Sean Bean’s characters go head to head. Or you know lose their heads as is normal for many characters that Sean Bean plays.

The best part about The Geek Show was being introduced to a bunch of new geeky things happening in the nerdmunity. As you know, many, many of my events and reviews are suggested by fellow nerds or friends. This was the perfect format for being exposed to a variety events and happenings while seeing an entertaining show.

I would recommend this for anyone who is looking for new things to do, try, or listen to in the nerdmunity. Stage 773 was also a great set up for the show, having a bar and comfortable seats.

This show was free, but Vs The Universe was promoting their Patreon. If you go and like their stuff, consider supporting them here.