Hello from the Magic Tavern Podcast: the Hilarious World of Foon!

Hello from the Magic Tavern is a hilarious fictional podcast about a guy who falls through a magic portal in our world to a fantasy world called Foon. In the story, the main character, Arnie Niekamp, discovering all of the fantastical and DnD-type characters who live in Food, decides to make a podcast about it. Arnie and his co-hosts, Chunt (a talking badger who is really a shapeshifter) played by Adal Rifai and Eusidore (a wizard with a particularly long name) played by Matt Young, he interviews all of the people he meets there in Foon, discussing various events and traditions.

A little Weird

As you can imagine, there are a lot of jokes about fantasy roleplaying games as well as about podcasts. There are also a lot of jokes about Chicago as Arnie is from Chicago. And while the characters are magical and maybe a little weird, they’re also really down to earth. One of my favorite things about this podcast is the laid back feel. The people from Foon who appear on the podcast talk about their every day, normal magical lives.


But what makes this podcast hilarious is the improvisation. Recently I took a class at the IO theater and right away while I was listening to this podcast I knew these guys were great improvisers. If you’re unfamiliar, the very basic rule is “yes and..” which means if your partner introduces something to a scene, you don’t contradict the reality that person sets up.

For example, in the podcast, one of the characters, a wizard, started mumbling to himself. Another person asks what that is and a third character states “oh, that’s just the wizard state,” which becomes a running joke throughout the show.

The Magical Tavern

Most of the detailed background about Foon comes from these improvised inside jokes so it’s great to start from the beginning of this series. I recommend this podcast especially for nerds who are into roleplaying games, fantasy worlds, or podcasts! I would also like to recommend this for nerds 18+ for some of its mature content.

To learn more about the magical world of Foon, click here.