Nerd Enough!

This fear keeps creeping up on me that somehow I don’t have the “cred” to write a blog about nerd culture. It has been ingrained in me since I was younger when people would ask me if I had watched a particular movie/game/etc. When I would claim ignorance, they would generally react like this:

“WHAT!? You’ve NEVER seen X, Y, or Z game/movie/TV show? Do you live under a rock!?”

And the answer was yes, I did live under a very, very sheltered rock. But the conversation would always detract from the point (that I hadn’t seen the movie) to the issue of why I was so culturally deprived as to not have experienced this one aspect of nerd culture that they had been fortunate to see.

But I still worry from time to time: “Am I nerd enough?”

Am I nerd enough to be running a blog when I haven’t even finished Star Trek: The Original Series! Am I nerd enough to talk about cons when I don’t go to all the conventions ever? Am I nerd enough when I haven’t played all the board games known to man, woman, and otherwise identifying?

And I have been running myself ragged networking, meeting new people, wandering out to more game nights in the hopes that I will EXPERIENCE EVERYTHING the Nerdmunity has to offer. And for the most part this has been great! It feels like going to a real life convention for the majority of your life, but as many nerds know, con-(hang)overs are a thing..

But then this three-letter word pops into my head and lands itself at the end of my sentence:

“I haven’t played this game yet.” “I haven’t seen this anime yet!”

And I suddenly relax a bit. Because I realize I don’t need to experience everything right away. One of my favorite things about the Nerdmunity is that no one nerd has the same series of interests. There is LITERALLY (and by literally, I do not mean figuratively) SO MANY WAYS TO NERD! One of the reasons why I have so many friends is because the more nerd events I go out to, the more friends I make, and the more friends I make, the more events I learn about!

I don’t take credit for “discovering” anything because most of what I know was recommended to me. (By enthusiasts who were more interested in showing it to me than pondering why I hadn’t seen it already).

“Oh you haven’t seen Star Trek!? Can I be the one to introduce you!?”

So I don’t claim to know it all and I don’t expect anyone to know it all. All I want to do is make some really good suggestions and connect people with other people. And that makes me feel nerd enough!
-Good Villager