Phoenix Wright: A Story-Based Detective Game

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is a game that came out in 2001 for Nintendo DS about a defense attorney who solves some pretty interesting cases. If anyone is unfamiliar, you play as Phoenix Wright, the defense attorney who investigates cases and gathers evidence to defend people in court. As each trial progresses, you find out more and more about the story and ultimately find the clues to win the trial.

While this game really does utilize all of the interesting features on Nintendo DS, such as the use of the stylus, and the story is what really drew me in. Since this is a story driven game, 
I would not recommend this game for anyone looking for combat heavy, hack-and-slash games, or action games. About 90% of your time is spent wandering around and interrogating people (so if talking to all of the people in each Pokemon city wasn’t for you, this might not be either). The remaining 10% is about putting all of it together.

The gameplay is very simple and easy to learn. In fact while I was playing, I found myself more interested in the story than I did in the game mechanics. In the game, you have to present the right information to specific people at specific points to find out more information to move the story along. Some points you can get through by process of elimination, but some were a bit harder to decipher right away.

I may have used a walkthrough for some of the harder challenges but it was just because I wanted to figure out the story. There were many parts to each mystery and I enjoyed trying to figure out all of the pieces before it was revealed.

While some of the game mechanics were a minor frustration for me, I really enjoyed this game overall. The story was really intriguing and had a lot of great plots twists. I would really recommend this for anyone who is interested in story telling games.

– Good Villager