Chicago Quidditch Tournament

Quidditch and the Chi-Wizard Tournament

Recently I came across Columbia College’s Quidditch event called the “Chi-Wizard Tournament”. Quidditch is a game that was super fun to imagine when I read the Harry Potter series as a kid. I had heard of people playing Quidditch before, but never to the extent that I found out it exists.

Columbia College’s Quidditch team is among a bunch of colleges around the country that come together to compete on a collegiate level. I spoke with the team captains, Chloe Streif and Matt Coyle, who explained to me a bit about the game and their love of Quidditch.

Chloe found out about the Quidditch team by meeting up with fellow Harry Potter fans at the Muggles Association (a Harry Potter club) at Columbia College. Matt grew up reading Harry Potter and wanted to find a sport that was like football when he got to Columbia. Both said that they quickly found a community of friends through playing Quidditch.

In speaking to them, I learned all kinds of things like how there are different levels including the collegiate, community, major leagues, and then the World Cup. And as Matt explained to me, Quidditch is a very inclusive game, especially when it comes to gender. One of the rule is that there can be no more than 4 people who identify of the same gender on one team.

While many Harry Potter fans know the rules of Quidditch, I found out it looks a bit different on the ground.

“Watch any one ball, and it’s a different game,” said Chloe. She explained that the beaters are playing dodgeball, the seekers are playing tag, and the chasers are playing basketball. If you get hit by a beater, you have to “dismount” your broomstick, run back to your goal post, and tag it before you can resume play. I watched a couple of games on youtube and it definitely seems like a lot of chaotic fun.

If anyone is interested in watching Quidditch live, feel free to check out Columbia College’s Chi-Wizard Tournament this weekend.

See more about the event here.