The Welcoming Committee

**** This post is specifically geared towards the LGBTQ friendly, however allies are definitely welcome to read this post!

The Welcoming Committee is an organization run by volunteers that sponsors LGBTQ friendly events. For their bigger events, they generally invite all the LGBTQ people they know and “take over” a bar. It’s nothing political, they state on their website, “it’s just good, glittery fun”.

The symbol of the Welcoming Committee looks like a coat of arms in with a pineapple in the center. For those of you who don’t know, the pineapple is the international sign of hospitality. I don’t know why, it just is.

The Welcoming Committee is all about creating spaces for the LGBTQ community. My favorite part is their army of volunteers who will go up and talk to people or introduce new people to other people. This makes going there alone much, much more friendly. In fact, I feel as though all parties should have a designated person to welcome new guests.

The events, in my experience, generally center around going to bars or throwing amazing dance parties, which are awesome. They also have had a couple of unique events nerds especially might be interested in. For example I attended the Adler Planetarium during their “After Dark” program with the Welcoming Committee. I spent the night crafting a UFO, yelling “KHANN!” at random employees, and solving math problems. Oh and you know.. learning about science and stuff.

So bring your pineapples, nerds (you don’t have to bring a pineapple) and maybe a pair of your favorite dance shoes, and get ready to hang out with the Welcoming Committee.!show=all-chicago