When I first came to Chicago, I believed I knew the END ALL and BE ALL of being a nerd. Unaware of the vast reaches and spectrums of nerddom, I began a journey down a rabbit hole of awesomeness. I began by playing board games which introduced me to an infinite amount of new friends who recommended me to a cornucopia of events. Humbled by the immensity of space and time, I realized there was so much more out there to explore.


Along the way, I found my community, a community of nerds who were welcoming and who laughed at my jokes. Nerds who liked me for who I was and for the fact that I was awkward. This is what the Nerdmunity means to me.


The focus of this blog will be about fostering the Nerdmunity in Chicago. Articles will include answers to questions such as:

  • Where do I find a board game night or nerdy events happening?
  • Where do I to chase zombies and how do I catch werewolves?
  • Which conventions feature cosplay, board games, video games, anime, Dr. Who, etc.
  • How do I run a successful role playing game?
  • Where can I gather people in my area to play this game I like?


This blog hopes to be inclusive for any nerds whoever they are, however they identify, and wherever they are on their own spectrum. There is no “prerequisite level” or “number of feats” to reading this blog.


So nerds, fellow villagers, welcome, and let me introduce you to everything I know and love about the Nerdmunity in Chicago.


Just a Good Villager

** Articles will be posted weekly on Thursdays. Any articles with spoilers or trigger warnings will be appropriately marked.