Valor Con: Year Two!

Valor Con is coming up next weekend and I recommend it whole heartedly. I went to Valor Con’s inaugural year last year and I had a blast. Valor Con had a very laid back atmosphere and community feel. Every event or section of the convention was spread out so it was easy to wander around at my own pace. There was also a lot of people and events from the Chicago Nerdmunity. For example, Dice Dojo was there teaching games, and I learned Code Names, which turned out to be a pretty popular game.

This convention is has a little bit of everything: board games, video games, panels, demos, geek trivia, and an artist’s alley. Some of the highlights from my experience last year included dropping in on a zombie survival class. the I also sat in on a role playing game called Time Cellist, a game that was coming out on Kickstarter last year.

I hope that Valor Con continues to grow and foster the Chicago Nerdmunity. I can see this convention to be the laid back con I go to in order to relax and connect with friends. Especially for last year being their the first year of the convention, they did an amazing job.

For more information on the convention and everything Valor Con has to offer this year see below: