Welcome to Night vale

**Originally posted April 2016 before they visited Chicago. This is an awesome podcast and was an awesome live show. I recommend it for anyone who listens to welcome to Night vale if they get the chance.

Ever since I read Watchers Out of Time by H.P. Lovecraft, I have been fascinated by other worlds and elder gods. As a Lovecraftian fan, once Night Vale was recommended to me by a friend, I quickly caught up while listening to the events of this quaint, fictional place.

Well I guess I wouldn’t call it “quaint”. It’s more of a community filled with quirky people, just trying to get by in a dangerous town surrounded by “hooded figures” and “vague, yet menacing government agencies.” There are strange visitors like a sentient glow cloud and ridiculous mandates such as the one against “wheat and wheat by-products.” There are many hazards to this town such as “street cleaning day,” which, believe me, is a lot worse than our street cleaning day.

But it doesn’t seem strange when told through the voice of Cecil Baldwin, the news announcer for the community radio of Night Vale. Since Cecil is talking directly to members of the community, it’s hard to not to imagine what it would be like to live there. Cecil describes news and events as if it were just any other community… you know, with magic and portals and a dog park (where dogs are not allowed).

Listening to all the weird and ridiculous events that happen in and around town, it’s hard not to get sucked in… or fear for your life. I mean, you know, just kidding…

This is a clever, witty show that is all free on Youtube. There is also an entertaining book named after the podcast about two residents trying to solve a mystery while avoiding librarians and managing time loops and so on and so forth. If you’ve listened to the podcast and haven’t read the book, I recommend it. I couldn’t stop reading it … almost as if it were enchanted. But probably not…

For those who haven’t listened to the podcast, I highly recommend listening to at least the first two seasons before reading the book. While each episode is pretty separate from each other in terms of theme, there are some references thrown in every now and then that you might not get if you don’t listen to it from the start. If you’re not a completionist like me, you can generally get the gist if you start at a random place. You just might not get as much flavor out of it.

Night Vale is also doing a live show in Chicago in April! There are still seats as of this post, but I have heard they fill up quickly.

Until next time, Villagers.
-Good Villager.