You Joke Like a Girl!

Ever wonder what an all-female line up of comedians would even look like? Then “You Joke like a Girl”, an open mic and all-female showcase, might be the place you’ve been waiting for. “You Joke Like a Girl” is an event to support women in comedy and a place for them to talk about their hilarious life experiences. This event is hosted at Volumes Bookcafe, a cafe with books and a very nerd-friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

The showcase was amazing with Amy Sumpter, Kelly Bolton, Colleen Brennan, and Alicia Swiz. I couldn’t stop laughing as each comedian as they talked about their lives, like having to tell your kids about Santa or those awkward conversations you have when you are trying to leave a party for the fourth time.

This event would be great for nerds just getting into comedy or who like comedy or who need an excuse to laugh on the last Wednesday of every month. This is a great space especially for female comedians both experienced and beginner to come out and try their jokes and/or people who like to listen to hilarious women talk about their lives. Find out more on their facebook page:

Volumes Bookcafe is an amazing store that was created this year by two sisters. They have recently had a lot of new events at their store nerds might enjoy, such as their Cursed Child release party in July. Also I just found this event I am super excited about on their website about Nanowrimo:

– Good Villager